Monday, March 11, 2013

Online Dating: Is It Safe for Women?

With the internet becoming a major part of most people's lives, online dating has grown in popularity. Despite this new way of dating being more acceptable in recent years, some women are still skeptical about it safeness.
Some questions that women have about online dating are:
-How do I know whether or not he's crazy or a serial killer?
-How do I protect myself if my date turns dangerous?
-What do I have to do in order to meet the right type of people?
-How do I know if my date isn't pretending to be someone he's not?
These are just a few of the many questions that pop into women's minds whenever they consider trying dating via the internet.
The Reality of Online Dating for Women
If you take all the necessary precautions, online dating can actually be a fun and secure way to meet other people. It's possible to build loving and trusting online relationships that lead to lasting offline relationships.
For instance, whether you're communicating in the real or virtual world, you should make an effort find out more about your date. Knowing exactly who you're dealing with is the best way to be safe while engaging in online dating.
Tips for Women Dating Online
So here are some online dating tips for women:
Don't meet your date in person immediately. Instead take your time in discovering more about your new friend. Do this by communicating via email. This allows you to observe any inconsistencies about his age, appearance, interests, marital status, occupation, etc.
-Keep personal information such as your email and home addresses; phone number, your place of work, etc. private during the early stages of your relationship. Cease all communication with anyone who pressures you to give out this information or attempts to trick you into revealing it.
-Once you're comfortable chatting with your online date regularly, you can move your conversations to the phone. Communicating via the phone is good because you have a better opportunity to evaluate a person's spontaneous responses versus the planned replies they give via online messaging. You can even determine from the phone calls whether there's any chemistry between the two of you.
-Only meet your online date in person when you're ready to do so. When you're ready to make this big move, meet in a public place where there are lots of people. Never meet up in a secluded location - no matter how comfortable you are with your online date. In addition to this, be sure to tell someone close to you - be it a relative or friend - whom you're going out with and where you're meeting them. If you're flying to another city to meet your date, pre-arrange your own your transportation and hotel room. Don't reveal where you're staying.
-Dress appropriately for your first date. This is best done by not wearing any type of clothing that reveals your lingerie or thong. If you like to dress provocative, hold off until your relationship is more established - if you wish to pursue the relationship further.
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