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11 Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating is not a taboo anymore. Today, more and more people are turning to online dating due to it's convenience in this busy world. If you're deciding to try online dating or already have, here are 11 of the top online dating mistakes people make. Try to avoid these at all cost.
1. Terrible profile picture
This is the "first impression" of the online world. Have a non-creepy picture that doesn't have you sitting in front of a mirror taking a picture of yourself with your phone. Or the crappy quality of your webcam. Even though a lot of people do this, it's better to spend some time and maybe even a little money on the quality of your pictures. Have a photographer take picture of you. Use scenery. Have a picture that sends a message about you. You also should have an updated picture of yourself. Nothing 4 years ago when you were skinny and in high school
2. Your page gives off the wrong impression
Reread everything you put online about yourself. Don't give off a boring vibe by listing boring hobbies. Talk positive. Be ambitious and mention your goals and aspirations (unless they have to do with dragons and video games). If you want a serious partner, you have to give off a serious vibe. When you're done writing, read it again. Feel the mood your profile has and change it accordingly. You want to seem adventurous.
3. Not having fun
You have to have fun with online dating. If no one is talking to you and you're pouting, that isn't going to make it better. Don't always try hitting on everyone you find attractive. Try to make friends. Try to find people with the same interest.
4. It's a numbers game
It's all about how long you have been online and how many people you talk to. The more people you interact with the better your chances of meeting someone. It's also how far you're willing to dig or look. If you want someone in your area that is fine but it's recommended that you date within 1- 40 miles.
5. Bad advertising
This is similar to the first two but it's just so important that I have to mention it again. It's an online dating world. People don't know you so they're strictly judging you on your profile and pictures. You have to make sure you are the guy they want to date. You have to advertise yourself as someone who isn't going to waste their time.
6. State what you're looking for
Besides your profile picture, this is the second thing people look for. They want to know your intentions and what you want out of the meeting. Depending on what you have will bring different crowds of people.
7. Lying
It's okay to bend the truth. You can say you have a degree if in three months your graduating with a degree. It's not okay to say you're a millionaire when you're not. Or even worse saying you don't have kids but you really have three.
8. Too much time messaging back and forth
A lot of people are afraid to take the next step and initiate a meeting. It can last a while but every time you message after the first day of meeting each other online, the chemistry and attraction decreases with every message already. Now of course no one is eager to meet you the next day or give their number out after 15 minutes of talking but don't message like you're texting your best friend. Message here, then again later on, then again tomorrow morning, then during your break at work, and so on. By messaging periodically over a longer time frame, you won't get bored or burnt out of each other and the longer time frame will play an illusion that you're actually closer and more comfortable around each other.
9. Escalating too fast
Just as mentioned above. If you go to fast and asking for a number within 3 text, you're labeled a creep and your chances are greatly reduced. It's about building rapport
10. Revealing too much
Leave some mystery. People love the unknown. That is what draws us to things. Don't underestimate the power of human curiosity. If possible, keep the topic on them. They will soon learn that they talked to you all this time but don't know a lot about you. That should draw them in more now as they seek information about you. Of course, don't be weird. If they ask you a question, answer it.
11. Bad username
Don't have a bad or corny username. People will turn away from you and think your a joke. The only way someone can get to know you personality online is through your text. So don't say something awkward in your profile and don't have an awkward username. Use a shorter version of your name. Abbreviate it. for example, for me it would be "lmathis". simple as that.
Put these 11 tips into practice and avoid these at all cost. If you do so, you would be amazed on how much more successful you're going to be.
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